Recreation Unlimited

Unlimited dreams for individuals
with disabilities and health concerns.

Lake Shelter

The Lake Shelter is a wonderful place to view the natural beauty that Recreation Unlimited has to offer. The large fireplace and covered gazebo make this an ideal location for any type of gathering including picnics, fishing, or weddings.

• Patio that overlooks scenic Lake Crum

• Large fireplace with wood provided

• Covered gazebo with benches

• Picnic tables

For more information,
please contact:

David D. Hudler
Recreation Unlimited
7700 Piper Road
Ashley, OH  43003
(740) 548-7006, Ext.112
Fax  (740) 747-3139

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To contact us:

Recreation Unlimited Foundation
7700 Piper Road
Ashley, OH  43003

Phone: (740) 548-7006
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