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Year Round
Respite Weekend Billing
Information For Individual
Options Waiver, SELF
Waiver and Level
One Waiver

If you have a camper who is using the Individual Options Waiver, SELF Waiver or Level One Waiver to fund a Recreation Unlimited Year Round Respite Weekend camp, Recreation Unlimited will bill two (2) full day Community Respite units (ARN for Individual Options Waiver and FRN for Level One Waiver, SRN for Self Waiver) per weekend camp, plus a $75 room and board allowance that is not a billable waiver service and is the responsibility of each individual camper to pay. Scholarship funds may be available to cover room and board allowances for qualifying campers.

Please contact Michelle Higgins with questions regarding your camper’s scheduled attendance at Recreation Unlimited.

Recreation Unlimited Farm and
Fun, Inc.
Attn: Michelle Higgins
Billing Coordinator
740-548-7006, Ext.115

Year Round Respite
Weekend Camps COVID-19 Update

Camper Requirements:

1.   Must be able to wear a mask.

2.   Must be able to practice physical distancing.

3.   Must be able to perform personal care tasks independently or with verbal prompting.

Practices that will be in place during camp:

1.   Wash Hands or Use Hand Sanitizer - must complete on a regular basis.

2.   Daily Temperature Checks will be completed at least twice a day, once at check in and once prior to departure.

3.   After an object is used, disinfecting before next use.

Click Here to download the Mandatory COVID-19 Questionnaire that must be filled out and returned to
Recreation Unlimited.


Recreation Unlimited will be using an ONLINE PROCESS to
register for camps and complete a camper application for our
2021 Recreation Unlimited camps.

Click here to view the updated 2021 Recreation Unlimited camps calendar.

To register for camp and complete a camper application
click on the link below.

Note: This link does not support
Internet Explorer as your browser.

If you prefer to fill out and mail in a paper registration
and application, a one-time, annual registration fee of $45
will be required.  For a paper registration and application,

In 2021, we are offering seven weekend camps for youth (ages 8-22) and eight weekend camps for adults (ages 23 and up) with develolpmental and/or phsycial disabilities. Recreation Unlimited is a smoke free campus.

Respite Weekend Camps provide a full schedule of activities, lodging, meals and snacks, counselors, program leaders, on-site nursing and a great environment for indoor and outdoor fun! Examples of program activities include swimming, fishing, canoeing, climbing, sports, archery, creekin', nature exploration, arts
and crafts, cooking, theater, campfire,
dancing and more!

A fully equipped Health Services Center and Nurses Quarters with a team of nurses that administer all camper medications and medical treatments are provided. All meals and snacks are provided with healthy choices available. Special diets can be accommodated. Items such as Recreation Unlimited sweatshirts and t-shirts are available at the camp store for purchase that enables the campers to go home with a souvenir from camp.

Respite Weekend Camps are Friday through Sunday. Camper arrival time is Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Camper departure time is Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. All campers must be picked up by 11:00 a.m.

Fees and Funding
The Respite Weekend Camp
published rate is
$412 per
weekend camp (may change
due to camper's individualized
needs), plus if the registration
and application is completed
online, a one-time, annual
fee of $35 will be
required. If you prefer to fill out
and mail in a paper registration
and application, a one-time,
annual registration fee of
$45 will be required.

Recreation Unlimited is an Individual Options Waiver, SELF Waiver, and Level One Waiver (see new billing information for Individual Options, SELF and Level One Waivers in the left hand column for the Year Round Respite Weekend Camp) provider.

Please inform your service coordinator of the dates that you have registered for camp and submit a request for service prior to coming to camp so that camp fees will become part of your service plan. You will be responsible for payment of any camp that is not included on your service plan.

Acceptance to camp is based
on review and approval of the camper
application, physical form completed
and signed by your physician, and camp capacities.

Individual Options Waiver, Level One Waiver, SELF Waiver, and Family Resources money cannot be used to pay the one-time, annual registration fee of $35/$45.

2021 Schedule
A = Adult Only Y = Youth Only
January 8-10 (A) May 14-16 (A)
January 22-24 (Y) September 10-12 (A)
February 5-7 (A) October 1-3 (Y)
February 26-28 (Y) October 15-17 (A)
March 12-14 (A) November 5-7 (Y)
March 26-28 (Y) November 19-21 (A)
April 9-11 (A) December 3-5 (Y)
April 23-25 (Y)

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